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Over the past 20+ years, industry surveys have confirmed that the most frequent complaints about IT services companies by their clients and prospects include poor response time, geek-speak, downtime, and nickel-and-diming.

So, how does an IT services company differentiate itself in a competitive marketplace when IT services are often commoditized and complaints still exist? 

The World-Class Customer eXperience Trained (WCCXT) certification is a unique and prestigious company-wide certification specifically and exclusively for MSPs and IT services firms. The training equips companies with the tools and knowledge to deliver world-class customer experiences every day. The IT services firms with the WCCXT certification have demonstrated their commitment to the customer eXperience; they’re more than just a tech support company. They have set themselves apart by having this certification conferred upon them. It creates a real differentiation for them in their marketplace, in their sales process as well as in attracting and hiring staff.   

The Formula For Why MSPs And IT Services Firms Are Getting The World-Class Customer eXperience Trained (WCCXT) Certification: 


Return On eXperience

During our “Discovery Call” we listened and learned that the client was dissatisfied with their current provider’s customer service and level of responsiveness. We intentionally leveraged our training and certification as part of Ray’s talking points during the proposal presentation.

When our CEO Ray scheduled the appointment to present our proposal, he informed the prospect that our entire team dedicated time each month in 2023 to undergo World-Class Customer Experience training, and we had recently obtained certification in this regard. The prospect expressed curiosity and wanted more information about this training, as it was unfamiliar to her. Ray devoted the next several minutes talking about the training.

It worked!! We signed them as a new client for $41,100, and have project work on top of that. This client win made it even more evident to our team how our training and certification in customer experience literally pays off!

We’ll continue to leverage WCCXT as a differentiator because it is.

Tammy Coffin 

Sr. VP - Business Development
All-Access Infotech LLC 

How did the WCCXT certification come to be?

The DiJulius Group (TDG) and Technology Marketing Toolkit (TMT) have been collaborating since 2022. The response by their attendees to the Customer eXperience (CX) presentations was overwhelming. 

Without hesitation, The DiJulius Group and TMT – de facto leaders in their respective spaces – decided to design, spearhead and deliver the exclusive World-Class Customer eXperience Trained (WCCXT) certification for MSPs and IT services companies worldwide.  

Technology (IT) services firms’ offerings continue to be commoditized which creates a big challenge for a company to differentiate itself from its competitors. This is where the WCCXT certification comes into play.  

The DiJulius Group is the world’s leading customer experience consulting firm that is dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes to create exceptional customer experiences. John and his team have worked with brands such as The Ritz-Carlton, Starbucks, Key Bank, Chick-fil-A, Lexus, Celebrity Cruises, the Charlotte Mecklenburg (NC) Police Department, Bristol Myers Squibb, Nordstrom and many other globally well-known brands. 

The Marketing Team

The dynamic trio of Robin Robins (CEO), Jeff Johnson (President) and Debi Bush (CXO) collaborated with The DiJulius Group to design and deliver the WCCXT certification to TMT’s elite member companies. TMT is the only company in the world who can confer this unique, customer-centric certification for IT services companies. 

Robin Robins

CEO & Founder

Jeff Johnson


Debi Bush


These Companies Have Completed The WCCXT Training And Have Been Conferred The Company-Wide World-Class Customer eXperience Trained Certification. Customer Experience Has Become A Higher Priority For Them In Order To Continually Up Their Game In Delivering A Phenomenal Experience For Their Clients And Internally With Each Team Member. 

Congratulations to these companies for focusing on Customer Experience: 

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Customer Experience Skills Keep Us Human

The WCCXT certification has been a great opportunity for our team to improve the customer service we offer. As a leader, I took advantage of the resources and all the sessions as we must develop some series of skills to be a “zero risk organization” and become established as a strong organization capable of managing not just security systems but just as importantly, people.

In addition to the typical CX skills we learned, we realize that we must strengthen our teamwork skill. We plan to create personalized feedback that can help our teammates understand the importance of their job and the reason why it must be done correctly as the service we offer to our clients.

We know that it is not a matter of just keeping skills as a metric but applying it in every aspect to avoid creating machines. We can emphasize that we see each other as potential clients making not just the needed job but making corrections and giving useful tips within the work environment. This will help us to continuously improve the service we offer.

Igor Pinchevskiy


Transformative Journey In Customer Service Excellence

In today’s competitive business landscape, the importance of exceptional customer service cannot be overstated. As business owners, we understand that solid communication skills are at the heart of successful client interactions. However, we faced a unique challenge with a young team as they did not always prioritize this critical skillset.  

It was essential for our team to understand that this training was to benefit our client interactions and could also be applied to their daily interactions within our organization. The response from our team was overwhelmingly positive, and their enthusiasm exceeded our expectations. 

The training program provided theoretical knowledge and encouraged our team to think critically about their interactions with clients. Our daily morning huddles became a platform to discuss the training material covered, allowing us to apply the concepts to real-life scenarios in our business.

The decision to achieve this certification has proven to be a strategic move, resulting in tangible improvements in client interactions and internal dynamics.

Tammy Coffin 

Sr. VP - Business Development
All-Access Infotech LLC 

WCCXT Is The Missing Piece

Emily Jones, PMP, CMMC-RP

Principal / Practice Leader
Warren Averett Technology Group (WATG)

The timing was right for WATG to go through customer experience training.  We are a group of 37 people with diverse skills, backgrounds, personalities, and life experiences that had varying opinions on what great customer service is.  Our mixed bag of opinions in the customer experience arena became even more apparent during the pandemic years.

We needed a consistent focus on the customer experience with individual and group accountability.   There was still something missing – consistency. WCCXT was our missing piece to create cohesiveness in customer experience direction and action.

Here are some key learnings from our customer experience training:

  • Our team is more compassionate and proactively looks for ways to help clients, both external and internal.
  • Everyone bought into our Customer Bill of Rights that gives us consistency in service.
  • We now have a proactive approach to gathering needed information from external customers.
  • Be A Great Listener – Place your full attention on the person speaking.
  • Our team took to heart that everyone has a customer, everyone is a customer, and excellent communication is crucial.

We are delighted to have completed this program and will be participating in the continuing education sessions.  There is always something new we can learn and implement or be reminded of.

Elevating Customer Service Excellence

Vector Choice chose to pursue the WCCXT certification to grow beyond boundaries to emulate our core values and to honor the commitment to delivering an unparalleled client experience. The reputation that WCCXT maintains with John DiJulius and the TMT staff members leading it made it an easy decision for this undertaking.

We started this journey of the WCCXT Certification with some foundational knowledge but with ignorance of how to effectively implement some of the concepts with deliverables. Early results from implementing the WCCXT concepts was an overall CSAT rating increase from 93.11% in 2022 to 94.34% in 2023!  Having an already very high CSAT rating means it’s no small feat to increase it by almost 1%. Also, our number of awesome ratings almost tripled.

Vector Choice’s WCCXT certification journey emphasized a positive transformation in customer service. The impactful long-term benefits of this certification on both internal processes and external client relationships are unmatched and will carry on through all company core values and beyond.

We are committed to continuous improvement and dedicated to providing clients with an exceptional experience.

Brandy Fillingame

CXO Coordinator & HR Manager
Vector Choice Technology Solutions

Team Shines In Client Interactions

Our entire team has enjoyed and benefited from the WCCXT sessions. The education and examples provided have played a pivotal role in helping Team Ener shine during interactions with our clients. Ener Systems embraced the WCCXT certification with gratitude and enthusiasm. The comprehensive sessions became a cornerstone in our commitment to elevating customer experience standards.

As the WCCXT administrator, witnessing the seamless integration of WCCXT concepts into our daily practices has been inspiring. The positive impact on our team dynamics, client satisfaction, and the overall customer experience is a testament to the transformative power of the WCCXT certification. This certification is the beginning of our journey, not an end.

Michele Miller

Ener Systems

Putting The WOW Into Client Experiences

Everyone was all in on implementing world-class customer service. Having the customer experience training in place helps to remind us that the overall interaction and perception that our clients have with IMS is an entire journey. From the first point of contact to ongoing support and post-purchase services. It encompasses every touchpoint and interaction our client has with us, including online and offline interactions, product or service usage and customer support. We want to WOW our customers to be raving fans.

One longstanding client sent me an e-mail without prompting that read “Thank you so much. I know we would never get this level of top-notch service from any of your competitors.”

This journey exceeded our expectations. Investing the time in the customer experience is about exceeding customer expectations every single time! It’s a strategic approach that can lead to long-term success, customer loyalty and sustainable business growth. Thanks for putting together this great training.

Kelsey Beauchamp

Information Management Systems

Fostering A Culture Of Excellence

ItCon’s journey through the WCCXT certification sessions was a transformative experience that significantly elevated our customer experience approach. As the CX leader, I’ve witnessed remarkable breakthroughs and implemented impactful CX concepts that have improved our interactions with our clients and fostered a culture of excellence among our internal teams.

During the WCCXT trainings, everyone shared examples of how to apply the CX concept at work. Now, every week we conduct a reinforcement training. One CX concept that we quickly implemented was the Never & Always approach and it’s front and center for everyone at our office.

Our WCCXT journey has been a transformative experience that continues shaping how we approach customer experience. Yes, there will always be room to improve and 2023 was the year of working on customer experience aggressively thanks to the WCCXT certification.

Yoel Rosman

Service Manager and CXO
ItCon, Inc.

Heightened Awareness Increases Client Satisfaction

The World-Class Customer Service Training (WCCXT) certification is a game-changer that left an indelible mark on our approach towards client engagement. The impact of this training has not only been felt within the company’s culture, but has also translated into tangible improvements in client satisfaction and SymTec’s overall success.

One of the standout outcomes of the WCCXT training is the heightened awareness among our technicians when interacting with clients. Incorporating WCCXT principles into our monthly company meetings has facilitated ongoing discussions. By formalizing what was previously implicit, we’ve enhanced alignment across the team and established a valuable reference point for maintaining a more consistent experience for our clients. Beyond the technical aspects of our services, the training emphasized the importance of acknowledging and celebrating significant milestones in clients’ personal lives.

We plan on using the WCCXT training and concepts for our company going forward as we bring in new employees, we will have them go through this training in the first few months. We strive for continual improvement as a company and this training is great to have going forward.

Kourtney Smith

Marketing Manager

Culture + Core Values + WCCXT = Customer-Centric Success

Central to TeleComp’s success is the implementation of the WCCXT process, which has profoundly enriched the experience journey for both customers and staff members alike. The company’s executive leadership team embraced the training, employing the sessions as cornerstones in their daily oversight of employees, and underscoring the significance of a customer-centric approach throughout the organization.

Collaborations with TMT and The DiJulius Group over the preceding two years infused our company with profound and meaningful transformations. The ethos of “Never & Always” and “Always/Always” has become ingrained in the company’s fabric as well as the “Day in the Life” insights.

The WCCXT process not only shapes TeleComp’s culture but also fortifies its core values that serve as a driving force behind the organization’s ethos. By leveraging WCCXT to bolster our culture and uphold our values, TeleComp ensures that the principles of exceptional customer experience remain intrinsic to every facet of its operations, thereby solidifying its reputation as a customer-centric leader in the telecommunications industry.

Ray Riddle


Empathy, Proactive Communication, And Consistent Delivery Drive Customer Satisfaction

Our journey to achieve the WCCXT certification has been a transformative experience for our company. Our goal was to elevate our IT services business by implementing and practicing Customer Experience (CX) concepts in a non-technical yet impactful manner.

Through the implementation of CX concepts learned during the certification process, we elevated our business practices and differentiated ourselves in a competitive market.

Moving forward, we remain committed to fostering a culture of customer-centricity and continuously refining our approach to deliver exceptional experiences to both internal and external customers.  

Michelle Johnson

Marketing Manager
Real IT Solutions

The IT Company That Clients Cannot Live Without

We started the World-Class Customer Service Experience certification to improve how we interact with each client.

We set up a plan for the team: Watch one session every week and review the concept and discuss the quiz questions at our weekly meetings. We created our team’s non-negotiable standards — TTT’s Never & Always – to use every time we interact with clients and colleagues.

Personally, I learned an important lesson: a common-sense experience concept like the Never & Always may be simple to understand; however, it’s more challenging to consistently deliver on it, at least in the beginning.

We want to be the company clients can’t live without for IT / Cyber Security needs.

Kristi Post

Administrative Coordinator
Tomorrow’s Technology Today

Creating Meaningful And Emotional Connections

One thing that I insist on is that CST provides outstanding service to our customers so I was delighted to learn we had access to this certification. With our continued growth, I had worried that the customer experience would become less of a priority for staff. 

ALL of the CST staff participated and it became a topic of discussion at every weekly meeting.  We discussed the week’s content, praised ourselves on the processes we already had in place and discussed the content we knew needed to improve upon or items we need to implement.  One major discussion was the need for meaningful, emotional connections with our clients and how we must be authentic, genuine and demonstrate that we truly do care about our customers. 

So now we start bragging on both CST and our clients.  I want to shout from the rooftops how amazing our services are, how amazing our clients are and how our level of customer service is impactfully different than any other IT firm.  Showing the certification on our website and posting on our social media accounts will only reinforce what we already know. 

I am forever grateful for what this training has done for me and my team.  As we hire new staff, this certification is now part of their onboarding.  I know it will ensure our level of customer experience is improved year over year. 

Lisa A. Brown

CST Group Inc.

Certification Makes Bytecafe Positively Different And Better

From the first World-Class Customer Experience Training session, it was clear how seamless it would be to implement the elements of World-Class Customer Experience (CX) into Bytecafe Consulting’s business practices and standards. These CX elements were effective and straightforward would be integral to differentiating ourselves from our competitors.

The success of the “Day In The Life (DITL)” training and creation of a customer-focused video sparked a new opportunity we call a “Day In The Life” of our colleagues. The program has improved our standards for client interactions and is uplifting our colleagues for providing an excellent experience to our clients.

As the CX leader for Bytecafe, I see the positive effects of this program reaching beyond our customer interactions. The lessons learned during the WCCXT training have made us more effective as a leadership team when it comes to executing new processes, expectations, and programs across all departments.  As an organization, we know our clients better and we understand them better. Therefore, we care for them even more than we did before.

Kayce Patton

Director of Experience
Bytecafe Consulting, Inc.

Always On Stage For Our Clients

My background is in hospitality management where you must be on your game. This course is the closest to my previous training and experience that I have seen.

After almost four years in the IT industry I know technicians are “programmed” differently. As a result of our WCCXT training, I’ve witnessed a positive difference in the way our technicians handle things.  They know and hear that just wording things differently can mean the same thing but create a different experience for our clients.  We also see an increase in positive client reviews.  We’re more aware of cues that could indicate a problem brewing with a client and become proactive in resolving the issue before it becomes a serious problem.

A couple of the trainings brought to light that we all are always “on stage” no matter if we are sitting at our desk or working onsite at a client.  Another neat result of our training is that our technicians recognize a colleague when they go “above and beyond” to take care of a client. 

These sessions were a welcome refresher for me and I plan to revisit them regularly. 

Melissa Collins

Marketing Coordinator
CD Technology

We Are Better Listeners

For RTS the customer experience concept was already a big part of our company. The sessions confirmed and clarified what we already do and helped us expand the concept internally as well as externally. As with any message, it helped to have the content be presented by someone outside of our organization because we all hear things better from someone we aren’t with all the time, even if they say the exact same words. This training has provided a reference point for us as part of our “Why” – the proverbial stake to mark a reference point.

We embrace the concept of “A Day In The Life” of our clients to remind ourselves they may not be angry with us, but may simply be dealing with another big thing we don’t know about. As part of our regular internal discussion of RTS core values we incorporate several of our “above and beyond” stories. All of us are more alert to bits of information gathered about our clients and colleagues now (better listeners) as a result of the WCCXT training.

Thanks to TMT and the DiJulius Group for offering these sessions and having them available for us to share with new staff! 

Jamie Strum

Director of Operations
Roberts Technology Solutions, Inc.